Use the Checklist to Ensure Savings in Packaging Supply Chain

Anyone who is into the online retail business or in any supply chain industry would have thought the need of a checklist to ensure the savings in it. As long as the product is delivered intact, efficiently, and on-time, the end user is happy, and this leaves a lot of room for savings in the supply chain. People who are smart enough can get the savings done through the following steps.

1. Do a Homework

While every design or redesign of packages is focusing on protection and storage, it can also sense a level of branding. People should do some research on the product type being used along with the packaging supplies and see how effectively it sits inside the package. They can also spend some time on branding using logos, colors, and shelf-ready materials. It will ensure better quality performance and greater customer relationship.

2. Get the Opinion of Customers

While redesigning any pack, communicate with the customers and get their views as some changes may not be convenient to some users. While most packaging offer cost-savings and durability, it should also offer ease-of-use to the customers. For instance, if the milk packets redesigned and tightly packed to contain more per pallet, children and senior citizens may not find it comfortable to hold like loosely packed ones.

3. Keep an Eye on Measurements

People should know both dimension and weight of the package as it can efficiently adjust the length, breadth, and height of the packages to include more in every pallet. Also, the weight would help the packers to effectively design the packages that protect the products inside by keeping the density in mind. It is also an important factor while considering the various customer needs.

4. Use the Calculator

This is to calculate the dimensional weight of the packages. It should be noted that both UPS and FedEx changed the way dimensional weight is calculated. FexEx uses dimensional weight divisor for its calculations, and UPS applies the 139 divisor. Take the cubic dimensions, divide it with divisor, it gives the dimensional weight of the package. It is different from actual weight, and the shipping charges also vary according to dimensional weight.

5. Composite Materials

Wooden crates are used inside the shipping packages to protect goods inside it, but it is found to be adding more weight to the packages and makes shipping costs higher. Lightweight composite materials are an excellent choice that gives protection and reducing the weight.

6. Simple and Elegant

People should try to use the same type of composite material as it can reduce the actual dimensional weight of the package. Packaging with molded components can increase its strength and make it more durable. Also, some products are coming with inherent frame support, and those reduce the need packaging materials.

7. Effectively Use Stack Specifications

Use the stack specifications to ensure efficient packaging that can lead to better pallet efficiency. Optimize the package and reduce the total dimension to make more included per pallet. Also, the packers should do a stack review to see if over-stacking cause any damage on packages.

8. Test the Packages

ISTA certified packages are testing to check the durability and survival of it during various conditions such as hot, cold, wet, compression, vibrations, shock, etc. People who dispatch the products should ensure the packages are tested to avoid any damages in the transit.

The efficient use of packaging supplies and effective packaging would reduce the total cost of packaging and ensure fewer damages during the transit. The shipping costs also would reduce due to proper stacking and the efficient dimensional weight.


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